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The core strength of THOMAR is its people.  Our team has excelled in providing welded, machined and built to print assemblies and sub-assemblies for more than twenty years. 

We are built upon a history of ingenuity and a passion for customer service and we are dedicated to providing world class, domestically manufactured, solutions in bent pipe, bent tubing and welded assemblies and sub assemblies. 


At the end of the day it is about production; preferably, on-time and without unnecessary costs. In other words, Just In Time.


THOMAR has long running relationships with leading manufacturers of heavy equipment and  we understand how important timing is.


As a rule, we build parts to demanding production schedules and forecasts. We will not stop your production line. Whether it's a blanket order, production schedule or forecast ; we can plan our production to mesh seamlessly with yours. 


Our workforce

is our core

why choose us? Powder coating, welding & Pipe Bending  in Sherman Texas


We operate state of the art CNC pipe/tube bending machines with ever expanding capabilities.

Our 14' X 14' Powder Coating oven allows us to offer our customers a durable finish coat that is available in colors to match the equipment they manufacture.


Our engineering staff uses SolidWorks 2013 in addition to  standard CAD drawings.   At THOMAR,  deviation is not an option. Any and all deviations are the decision of the customer. We will never take it upon ourselves to try and determine what is best for your company.


THOMAR is the gold standard when it comes to cleaning and packing. Our internal/external cleaning and packaging ensures our customers bolt on performance without delays and/or modifications.


Custom Labels and Branding
Private labels, custom tags and branding are available at no extra charge


We are able to perform hydro-static tests with pressures up to 10,000 psi.
If your bent tube request is currently beyond our bending capabilities, you can trust our welders to build your parts to print within a 1/16" tolerance.


The THOMAR facility in Sherman utilizes  the highest quality materials, workmanship and manufacturing procedures in its powder coating, welding and pipe bending.  Our facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified and our commitment to quality is evidenced by our stringent quality standard of  99.80%.


What that means for our customers is that the parts we manufacture for you will be correct. From the time the original Request for Quotation reaches our Inside Sales department until the finished goods leave our Shipping department, your expectations will be exceeded.